About Supervision

I have a Post Qualification Diploma in Individual and Group Supervision for Counsellors. Psychotherapists and those in related professions.

Therapy room interiorI have over 20 years of individual and group supervision practice within related professions to those in the not for profit sector and more recently within Counselling settings. I have experience of supervising qualified and student counsellors and counsellors recently qualified, in one to one and in Group settings.

My Supervision Practice is Integrative. For me supervision is a collaborative relationship based on equality, mutual trust, respect of difference, is safe and ethical. It enables processing of feelings and ways of working with clients. It is a place of learning, insight, growth, professional and personal development, an opportunity to build on counsellors strengths and to work on learning edges. It is intended to be normative, formative and restorative. It is place where mistakes can be worked through without shame or blame. I hope it is also fun, enjoyable and celebratory.

Supervision Fees

Individual sessions cost £40. There is some flexibility for students and counsellors recently qualified. For details on group supervision please contact me to discuss.

If interested in supervision please call or email me to discuss your specific requirements.