About Counselling

My counselling model and style of working is what is called  ‘Integrative Counselling’ which means that in our work I draw on a number of different counselling and psychotherapy theories, models  and  techniques, using the ones that we think will be the most suitable and beneficial for you.

The Aims and Practice of Counselling

If, after an initial consultation, we feel that we could work together, sessions will be held in my dedicated and comfortable counselling room, usually on a weekly basis for 50 minutes (the therapeutic hour) with the aim of creating a safe and trusting therapeutic relationship between us. 

Counselling Room As a talking therapy, Counselling is often experienced as a journey of self-discovery, where you can experience yourself, others around you, your past, present and future, in different and meaningful ways. The journey can be as short or as long as you wish it to be.

In counselling sessions  you will have  space and time for you,  to try and make sense of yourself,  your relationships and your ways of being,   Over  time,  it can help  you to make any changes you want to about  your habits,  behaviours,  thoughts and feelings.

Professional counselling is completely confidential, non-judgemental and non-critical. You and what you bring into counselling will be accepted unconditionally. Counselling will encourage feelings of trust, meaning that you are free to talk about your innermost thoughts, feelings and beliefs without being blamed or shamed.

The Value and Benefits of Counselling

Self-limiting belief, negative thinking , behaviours we do not feel right about or life events, can be some of the things that hold us back from being who we want to be.  By working together counselling can aid  you to understand and change the things that maybe hold you back. Through exploring habits, patterns actions and reactions we can strengthen and grow in confidence, increase self-esteem, and understand ourselves in a more positive and constructive way.

A trained professional counsellor can help you to understand you motives, attitudes and feelings as well as helping you connect with your deeply held and innermost beliefs and feelings about yourself,   others and your world.  Therapy helps challenge the thoughts which impact on your wellbeing, and can help you move forward and make different and new life choices.

Short term counselling usually focuses on helping solve a current issue or problem which is concerning you. Long term counselling usually focuses on issues, concerns or ways of being which you see recurring in your life which may be deeper rooted in your past.

The decision to have short or long term counselling is something we will agree about at the initial consultation session, but which can change through discussion as counselling sessions continue.

I am able to accept clients who refer themselves or those referred by others.